System setting

Language setting

Click the icon in the bottom right corner to enter the secondary menu

Click "Settings" to enter system setting.

Enter "Settings" the slide down to "Languages & input "

Click "Languages" to enter language setting.

Click Add a Language to Add more languages and scroll down to select the language you want

After the addition, move the required language up through the icon on the right to set it as the system language

Screen brightness adjustment

Controller screen brightness does not support automatic adjustment, you need to enter the Settings to adjust

Enter "Settings" ,slide down to "Display"

Tun off Adaptive brightness,click Brightness level will show brightness window, drag to adjust brightness

Network port setting

Before using network port device, you need to change its IP address to 192.168.144.X.(because Air unit and Controller occupy the address "" and "" ,so the IP address can not be changed to these 2 )

Install a custom application

Make sure you have the latest platform tools installed

  • Enable Developer Mode by tapping Settings->About Phone->Build Number multiple times.

  • Enable Settings->Developer options->USB debugging

  • Check if the unit is connected

$ adb devices List of devices attached 66c4bfea device

  • Install app using adb install <app_name>.apk

$ adb install myapp.apk Performing Streamed Install Success

  • Your app should show up in the app launcher's list.

  • To remove the app do: adb remove org.myorg.appname

$ adb remove org.myorg.appname Success

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