Generate a bug report

Create a Bug Report from the Ground Station

Navigate to the home screen on the Ground Station and click the App icon in the lower right hand side of the screen.

Click the Phone app.

Dial *#*#284#*#* , when complete, the system will automatically start generating a bug report.

Plug the Ground Station into a PC using a USB micro cable.

When plugged into a PC, swipe down on the top of the middle of the screen on the Ground Station to pull down the menu bar. Select USB charging this device to change the USB settings.

Select Transfer files to change the USB settings to allow the Ground Station to act as a storage device when connected to a PC.

On the PC navigate to the Optimus folder, then navigate to the debug_log folder to access the bug report zip file.

Email us the bug report at:

Generate Bug Report with ADB

1. Install ADB and Google Driver:

Download SDK Platform Tools and Google USB Drivers:

SDK Platform Tools :

Google USB Drivers :

2. Set up the device for ADB:

Enable the Developer option on the Herelink Blue device

1.From the main screen, tap on the Android app menu to open it (bottom right of the screen).

  1. Go to "Settings" > "About Phone" > "Build Number"

  2. Tap seven times on the "Build Number" case, it will activate the developer mode. A pop-up message will confirm that the device is now in developer mode.

  3. Go back by tapping on the triangle (black column on the left) >> Go into "developer options" >> then activate " USB debugging"

  4. The device is now ready to generate the bug report

Generate the bug report

  1. Connect the Herelink Blue Controller to your computer with an USB cable.

  2. Open the terminal of you computer then enter the command : adb bugreport > press enter The above command will generate the bureport and save zip file on the device, the path will be mentioned in the output of command (copy the path to use it in step 3)

  3. Send the zip file to you computer by using the command : adb pull <filepath_of_zip_file_on_the_device> <filepath_of_your_computer_desktop>

  4. Email us the bug report at:

ADB bug report method can be used of the Air Unit.

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