Herelink Blue Overview


Herelink Blue is created in a partnership between NW Blue LLC (a USA owned and operated company) and CubePilot PTY LTD (an Australian owned and operated company). The Herelink Blue offers the same features and functions as the original Herelink Black, however the Herelink Blue is assembled and supported in the United States of America by NW Blue LLC.

Herelink Blue is an integrated remote controller, ground station and wireless digital transmission system designed to be used with the Cube Autopilot, Ardupilot, or PX4. HereLink Blue allows RC control, HD video, and telemetry data to be transmitted up to 20km between the ground station and air unit. NW Blue has also partnered with Solex to include a custom version of Solex TX application installed on the Herelink Blue. Both Air Unit and Ground Controll Unit feature an integrated 8 core SOC for custom application development.

Herelink Blue v1.1 is based on the original platform and functions of Herelink Blue v1.0. The controller improved the display brightness up to 1000 nit. Moreover, an additional Ethernet interface is available on Air Unit v1.1 to support more peripheral devices and adapt to more applications, a SD card slot is available on the Air Unit v1.1.

Air Unit and Controller



Air Unit v1.0

Air Unit v1.1

Air Unit Interface Specification

(Air unit 1.0 & Air unit 1.1)



S. Bus



  1. HereLink Air Unit *1

  2. HereLink Controller *1

  3. Omnidirectional antenna *2

  4. GPS antenna *1

  5. Airunit antenna *2

  6. Joy-stick *2

  7. HDMI cable *1

  8. Power cable *1

  9. Telemetry cable *1

  10. .S.bus cable *1

  11. Ethernet cable *1

  12. USB cable *1

  13. Fan *1(available in Herelink Blue v1.1)

  14. Air Unit mounitng plate *1

  15. Silicon o-ring *8

  16. M1.6 x 16mm screw *4

  17. M1.6 x 3mm screw *4

  18. M1.6 washer *4

  19. M3 x 10mm screw *2

  20. M3 nut *2

  21. Neck lanyard *1

  22. Neck lanyard clips *2

  23. Wall charger *1

  24. Waterproof storage case *1

Air Unit LEDs



Pair / Reset Button

Controller/Air Unit pairing and enter upgrade mode

Button and LEDs

Controller Buttons

Controller LED (Left)

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