Assembly and Connection

Air Unit Connection

  1. Mount the Air Unit securely to the vehicle. (Choose best install position according to cable length)

  2. Choose the best position to attach the Air Unit antennas. Air Unit antenna should not attach to metal parts or any conductor, which will affect the signal transmit distance. The antenna should be installed vertically and have an angle of about 15 degrees to obtain better gain. Please refer to Figure 1 and Figure 2 below. (Note that carbon fiber is also conductive material.)

  3. Connect S.bus on Air Unit to the RC IN on the Flight Controller.

  4. Connect UART on the Air Unit to the TELEM 1 or TELEM 2 on the Flight Controller.

  5. Connect 7V - 12.6V max (3s Lipo supported) battery to the power input on the Air Unit.

  6. Connect camera to HDMI 1 (preferred) on the Air Unit. If you are using two video stream, please connect the second camera to HDMI 2. You may switch from Stream 1 and Stream 2 on controller to display the corresponding video stream.

Air Unit Back Board Assembly

1. Use M1.6x3mm screws to attach the supplied mounting plate to the bottom of the Air unit.

2. Use M3x10mm screw and M3 nut to mount Air Unit to vehicle.

Air Unit Cooling Fan Installation Procedure

  1. Place 1 each o-ring on the M1.6 screw holes located on the top of the Air Unit.

  2. Place the supplied fan on top of the o-rings.

  3. Slide on 1 each of the supplied M1.6 washers onto the supplied M1.6x16mm screws, then slide on 1 each of the supplied o-rings. When screwed into place, the metal washer should be on top of the o-ring.

  4. Screw all 4 of the M1.6x16mm with the installed washer and o-ring through the fan mounitng holes into the top of the Air Unit, as shown in the diagram above.

  5. Connect the positive and negative terminals of the fan to a 5-12 V power supply.

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